Women Warriors: The Voices of Change

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(Director: Amy Andersson)

“History Through the Eyes of Women and Girls.”

Women Warriors: The Voices of Change is a ground-breaking 70 minute documentary film that honors the strength and heroism of global activists fighting for social justice, human and civil rights, LGBTQ rights, indigenous rights, environmental causes, minority rights, gender equality and for the right of every girl to an education. This film highlights the lives of over sixty-five activists, spanning 700 years, who have been ignored in the media or left out of the history books.

Women Warriors: The Voices of Change educates, inspires and uplifts audiences while enabling women and girls to see the power and depth of their collective contributions. Here we bear witness to the lives of activists who turned the wheels of justice forward and of those who are currently shaping the course of history. This powerful narrative touches, moves and deeply connects viewers to the strength, resilience and contributions of womankind.

Showcased are the incredible orchestral scores of celebrated Hollywood film composers Nathalie Bonin, Miriam Cutler, Anne-Kathrin Dern, Isolde Fair, Sharon Farber, Penka Kouneva, Starr Parodi and Lolita Ritmanis.


July 30, 2021

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