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Founded in 2007 by Jenny Lee, the name of the Festival comes from a word spoken in the Senna dialect in Mozambique Ndinadzawapanga (pronounced Nah-jah-pang-ga) and means I Will Tell. It speaks to the power of story telling to provoke change at an individual and societal level.  The Festival is now a hybrid event that runs in London, Florida and Trinidad and Tobago in person with an enhanced virtual experience available globally online.  We support a range of established and emerging filmmakers and have premiered films such as Ava DuVernay’s 13th,  hosted high profile talent such as Lashana Lynch (007), global icons such as Raymond Santana (Central Park 5).


I Will Tell is the festival of choice globally for filmmakers who tell those stories that would otherwise not be heard, the event of choice for those seeking inspiration, and the expression of the love to our world in a way that is relevant, tangible and meaningful

Anel, a young, ambitious girl from Mozambique shares with a visiting missionary her dreams to travel the world and help others. But a young man from the village reminds her that girls are not allowed to go to school, so her dreams could never become a reality. Although visibly deflated, Anel’s bold response would inspire thousands of people over the next 15 years … Ndinadzawapanga! (I Will Tell)

I Will Tell is held in London, USA and the Caribbean. In addition the livestreaming of the festival gives access to filmmakers and film lovers from across the globe

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