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(Director: CHANG, CHIAO)

A psychologist uses technology to enter the human brain to treat patients. One day, his pregnant wife was told that her fetus could not be delivered, and she fell into depression. A few years later, the wife ‘s symptoms were so severe that she fell into a coma, and the psychologist decides to treat her.
In her subconscious, the psychologist has never seen the view before and he found some words on the wall which contains the knowledge that was not solved in the world. The knowledge could be applied and solve the problems in the real world. Suddenly, a mysterious man appeared, and claimed that he was the psychologist’s son. It came to the psychologist that in order to save the son’s life, the wife and he had decided to put the son’s consciousness into his wife. They supposed the experiment had failed, but it succeeded in the end, with disastrous results.


July 30, 2021

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