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Jenny Lee

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Speaking on 30 August to 9 September

My Story

FESTIVAL FOUNDER AND DIRECTOR, JENNY LEE has been a significant influence on the film festival industry with her innovative design of a festival that blends creativity, inspiration and social justice, first in London and now in South Florida and the Caribbean.

Born in Trinidad and Tobago and educated in the UK, Jenny has a love for international cultures and especially for celebrating those who are under-represented. She has interviewed and hosted filmmakers from across the globe for the past 15 years as well as global icons such as Dame Sybil Phoenix, Raymond Santana (the Exonerated Five), Her Excellency Joyce Kikafunda and numerous other country ambassadors, subject matter experts and global thought leaders.

Although she trained in the financial services as an actuary and worked for large multinational companies such as PricewaterhouseCoopers, and the International Accounting Standards Board , Jenny’s  passion lies in using creative expression to equip and empower others to become all they were created to be. Her deep passion to help others thrive has also fuelled her passion for a number of other projects including the Crush Racism Challenge and Bright Future TNT which she co-leads with two of her siblings. Jenny is also  an author, public speaker and emerging filmmaker.

Passionate about equipping and inspiring individuals to fulfill purpose

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