Part of the 17th I Will Tell International Film Festival 9th September

Birmingham, UK – The highly anticipated premiere of the documentary Voices of Hope takes place at the prestigious I Will Tell International Film Festival on Saturday 9th September at the Birmingham Town Hall, with simultaneous screenings at the Curzon cinema in London and the Orpheus Cinema in Bristol.

I Will Tell International Film Festival, supported by the BFI, recently announced its expansion in this, its 17th year, from London to Birmingham and Bristol cinemas, with additional virtual screenings of films from around the world including the UK, US, Canada, Iran, India, Ukraine, Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica and Australia.

The highlight of the Birmingham expansion is the Festival’s Red Carpet Weekend Gala Premiere of Voices of Hope supported by Podio Promotions and promises to be a memorable celebration of music, culture and the unifying power of untold stories. The screening will be part of a Double Bill with Black Strings, a stirring short film about the power of music to heal.

Voices of Hope is a captivating documentary that celebrates the 40th anniversary of the London Community Gospel Choir (LCGC). The film delves into the choir’s extraordinary journey, the strong faith that binds them together, their profound impact on the cultural landscape and their deep commitment to charitable endeavours that uplift and transform lives beyond the realm of music. The evening’s highlight will be a thought-provoking Q&A session with Bazil Meade, MBE the visionary Founder of LCGC, chaired by Diane Louise Jordan. The festivities will also include an acoustic performance by the London Community Gospel Choir.

Elstree Screen Arts brought the film to life with a talented group of students under the guidance of established filmmakers. Producer Chris Mitchell said “In some ways, our creative journey with this film has mirrored the choir’s own path of resilience and evolution. We could not be more proud of our students and look forward to welcoming audiences to a Festival that has been working tirelessly to champion underrepresented filmmakers for 17 years”

Festival Founder and Director, Jenny Lee, added, “Documentaries like Voices of Hope play a crucial role in preserving and sharing the stories of influential and artistic movements such as the London Community Gospel Choir. They provide a platform for reflection, celebration and dialogue, while also highlighting the enduring relevance of the choir’s message in today’s world.”

Bazil Meade MBE, LCGC Founder concludes, “Music has the incredible power to transcend boundaries, heal wounds and bring people together. As I reflect on the journey of the London Community Gospel Choir and its 40 years of spreading joy, love and inspiration, the one thing that stands out to me is how in times of challenge, our voices can become beacons of hope.”


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About I WILL TELL International Film Festival

Founded in 2007 by Jenny Lee, the name of the Festival comes from a word spoken in the Senna dialect in Mozambique “Ndinadzawapanga” (pronounced Nah-jah-pang-ga) and means “I Will Tell”. It speaks to the power of storytelling to provoke change at an individual and societal level. The Festival is now a hybrid event that runs in London, Florida and Trinidad and Tobago in person with an enhanced virtual experience available globally online. We support a range of established and emerging filmmakers and have premiered films such as Ava DuVernay’s 13th, hosted high profile talent such as Lashana Lynch (007), global icons such as Raymond Santana (Central Park 5).

About London Community Gospel Choir (LCGC)

The London Community Gospel Choir (LCGC) is a renowned gospel choir based in London, founded by Bazil Meade, MBE and that has gained international recognition for its powerful and soul-stirring performances.

Venue locations:


Birmingham Town Hall

Mocking Bird Cinema


Orpheus Cinema

Lord Mayor’s Chapel


Curzon Cinema, Mayfair

ARC Church, Forest Gate

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