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(Director: Maria Stoianova)

Mom is feeding great tits from the window of her high-rise building in Mariupol, and growing queen apples in her summerhouse near the battle line. To show her simple life, she shoots videos on her small camera for her daughter, who lives in the capital and is hard to reach. To try to keep the conversation going, she feeds her overgrown child with morel mushrooms and fairytales.

Showing as part of the I Will Tell Film Festival 2022 OUTDOOR SCREENINGS at PORTOBELLO GREEN, Notting Hill on Sunday 10th July 

The screening will start at 2:15 pm and will be followed by a Q&A with the Director.


Purchase an in-person festival pass here to watch MA and access all films’s alongside the Q&A’s for £39.99

Purchase an online festival pass here to watch MA and the rest of the films in this year’s festival and Q&As for £19.99




June 18, 2022

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