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Various Directors from around the world


A collection of short films on people seeking a better life

Sunday 9 December, 1:45pm



A collection of short films on people seeking a better life.

Screening and Q&A.

Sunday 9 December, 1:45pm

Windrush A Reflection on Policing    

Directors:- Bevan Powell, Laurelle Campbell

Duration:- 00:16:48

Synopsis:- The voice of the Windrush Generation and their views on British Police race relations  from 1948 to 2018.


Director:- Lian Rose

Duration:- 00:15:00

Synopsis:- This true story occurred in Manchester with over 30 people trafficked from Poland and housed in a derelict pub. Trapped against their will, Jani makes a brave attempt to escape.


Director:- Timothy Ross

Duration:- 00:03:35

Synopsis:- In a society that mistrusts foreigners, a Swiss lawyer with Arabic roots becomes a victim of prejudice.

Mrs. Schneider     

Director:- Michael Matheson Miller


Synopsis:- Growing up in 1950s Brooklyn, a young Father Robert Sirico discovers the haunting past of his Jewish neighbor in this poignant short film.

Film:- The Good Bus        

Director:- Kurt Weitzmann

Duration:- 0:17:00

Synopsis- Two people with similar world views, woefully separated by race, class, and gender meet at a bus stop on the day before --and the day after-- the election of our first African American president.


Director:- Johannes Richard Voelkel

Duration:- 00:04:52

Synopsis:- A wealthy business woman negotiates prices with a raw material trader and discovers the human cost of conflict minerals.

Calling Home         

Director:- Megan K. Fox

Duration:- 00:19:40

Synopsis:- Dorota moves to London with dreams of becoming a fashion designer, but her path is altered by an abusive relationship.

Screening and Q&A.

Sunday 9 December, 1:45pm

  • Director Various
  • Running time 90 mins


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