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Various Directors from around the world


Short films from around the world on life choices.

Saturday 8 December 4:15pm



Short films from around the world on Life choices.

Screening and Q&A.

Saturday 8 December 4:15pm

Film:- "Silience in London"       

Directors:- Cassius Rayner, Dimple Devadas

Duration:- 00:02:05

Synopsis:- Definition n. the kind of unnoticed excellence that carries on around you every day


Film:- William Martin     

Directors:- Richard Jordan

Duration:- 00:14:59

Synopsis:- When the course of the Second World War is in the hands of four Spanish fishermen.


Film:- Epiphany     

Director:- Stephen Levy

Duration:- 00:11:30

Synopsis:- A young male is transformed through an empowering encounter on the streets of East London. The majority decides that JAMES has to die, as he would be able to identify them in any subsequent ID parade.  TONY nominates himself to carry out the cold blooded killing, but can he be trusted to follow through?


Film:- No Poetry   

Director:- Jermaine Wong

Duration:- 00:10:50

Synopsis:- An unfaithful bride seeks forgiveness from her husband but first has to hear some condemning truths.  God's relationship with the church is likened to a husband and his bride. Imagine if this relationship were personified.  What would the conversation be like?


Film:- The Hemingway Shot     

Director:- Alessio De Nicola

Duration:- 00:17:11

Synopsis:- An edgy mystery taking place in the home of deceased author Frank Hemingway. Elle and Ruth find their lives entangled as they both try to survive the truth of Hemingway’s demise but as the stories of all three unravel we are confronted with an earth-shattering enigma.


Film:- A Journey in Search of Abdul Arabi   

Director:- Akram Elbezawy


Synopsis:- Abu El Araby is a mythical character engraved in the Egyptian culture known for his glorious achievement and super powers, compared to the likes of 007 and superman.

Screening and Q&A:

Saturday 8 December 4:15pm


  • Director Various
  • Running time 90 mins


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