Erika Alexander

Erika Alexander

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Speaking on Thursday 7th July
Film/Event Opening Gala Screening of CLOCK

My Story

Erika Alexander, 30, is a London-based actor and studied at New York FilmAcademy.

Previous work includes Jenny Craven in Abattoir (2020), Stella in AllThe Wives In The Attic (2021) plus TV commercial work including Trivago &McDonalds.”

Erika plays the role of Deedee in ‘CLOCK’.

‘CLOCK’, is scheduled to premiere at the BFI on Thursday 7th July as apart of the I Will Tell Film Festival 2022.

Erika will be joining us after the premier screening of ‘ClOCK’  on 7th July at 7:00pm for a special Q&A session.

You can view the trailer and find out more information about ‘CLOCK’ here.

Purchase an in-person festival pass HERE to watch CLOCK and access all films’s alongside the Q&A’s for £39.99

Purchase an online festival pass HERE to watch Clock and the rest of the films in this year’s festival and Q&As for £19.99

You can purchase your tickets for the film directly from the BFI website soon.

Erika plays the role of Deedee in 'CLOCK'.

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