I Will Tell Ndinadsawapanga Film Festival
30th Aug. - 9th Sept. 2015   GO TO FESTIVAL BOX OFFICE info@iwilltell.com

(DIRECTOR: David Martinez)
Saturday 12 December | 4:00 pm | Spain
Tickets are just £7 (Early Bird) £10(Standard)
Venue: Bernie Grant Arts Centre
Join like-minded thought leaders and other professionals in the post-screening discussion to follow the screening

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" a film made with heart and guts"

Saturday 12 December | 4:00 pm | Book Now

Winner of Best Drama at I Will Tell 2015, FLOW is a powerful drama that follows the internal journey of a man whose external life falls into decay. Juan del Santo gives a powerful and stirring performance as Walter Mann, an actor about to star in the play of his life - presenting to us characters as varied as the Elephant Man and the Godfather as types of the characters that plague his own demise. Juan del Santo takes on this very challenging role with gusto and sensitivity, portraying the anger and loneliness of one misused and rejected as acutely as he does the father longing for reconciliation with his daughter, the lost soul seeking God and the actor brimming with hope and excitement for the future. A beautifully complex blend of art, failure, forgiveness, beauty and redemption

Post -screening disussion to follow screening.

• "an intimate film that explains the building and development of a man and his character and the fight to keep his calling or vocation alive"
• "It's about memory, spirituality, theater, the gist of The Actor, nature,faith and so much more ...”

Saturday 12 December 4:00 pm | Book Now