I Will Tell Film Festival 2011
An exploration of Redemption through film and discussion


A Big thank you to Tim Reid and other inspirational filmmakers from around the world who joined us at our Film Pitch Seminar on Saturday 3 September 2011.

Details of the 2012 pitch will be announced soon.

In 2011 an inspirational Film Pitch Seminar was held with Tim Reid, Niyi Coker, Camille Abrahams and Jane Stephenson.

Camille Abrahams is founder and director of Caribe Animae, is responsible for kick-starting the animation industry in the Caribbean, but the road to success was not an easy one. Camille will talk to us about the joys and trials of introducing new genres of filmmaking and how to tell great stories in film within financial and creative constraints.

Niyi Coker is Director of the Africa World Film Festival and has been traveling the world with a host of films from the African diaspora. Niyi explores different forms of story-telling from around the world and how to find your own style.

Jane Stephenson is Executive Producer at the Media Trust and a regular panel judge on film pitches for emerging filmmakers from around the world. Jenny will cover the dos and don’ts of pitching, how to pitch an unusual idea or a common idea in an unusual way and how to win!

Tim Reid is an actor, producer, director with over 40 years in film business. Tim recently launched the Legacy Media Institute to equip emerging filmmakers and offer opportunities for collaboration with more established filmmakers. Tim discusses with us the importance of achieving cinematic excellence, how to equip yourself as an emerging filmmaker and how to find the distribution model that is right for you.

Keep checking this page for details of the 2012 pitch or sign up to the community newsletter for updates and get those creative juices flowing!