30th Aug. - 9th Sept. 2016  Click here to book info@iwilltell.com

We are passionate about God, People and Film. We hear the sound of each person finding their own voice. We see a world where people from all walks of life come together as One.


Our Entire Vision is captured in our name. The 'I' says that we each take personal responsibility for our actions, that we each speak with our own voice.

'Will' remind us that it may not come easy. Some of our filmmakers have risked their lives so that we can see a part of the world we would otherwise not see. But we are willing to stand for what's right, to speak our truth and to keep standing.

And of course, 'Tell'. Each screening allows us to experience the power of story well told. It's their story, it's yours, it's ours and the audience always gets the chance to have their say in the post-screening discussion because We are I Will Tell.