I Will Tell Ndinadsawapanga Film Festival
30th Aug. - 9th Sept. 2018   More Details Coming Soon info@iwilltell.com
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					  <a href=#></<style='color:#FFFF33' OUR 2ND US FESTIVAL<br> COMING THIS DECEMBER<a style='color:#317baf' href=#></a>
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I Will Tell

We host screenings and inspirational post-screening discussions in a powerful celebration of impactful dramas, documentaries, animations and short films from across the world. We encourage flmmakers,inspire festival goers and shine a light on the hidden stories of the Other.We celebrate stories of amazing people who, in various ways, show us how to overcome.

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Our post-screening discussions are an open forum discussion that is a heady mix of enlightenment, inspiration, challenge and edutainment.

Filmmmakers share their stories of the filmmaking process and answer questions on their work and the nspiration behind it.
Subject Matter experts share their wisdom and enlightenment and sometimes throw in a challenge or two.
Festival goers share their insight and forge connections with people of every age, race, faith, creed, colour and nationality.
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